next level funding

Trading Rules

We are traders who created Next Level Funding for other traders, with an evaluation process, a trading condition, objectives and trading rules that are all aimed to give our traders the best experience. Your success is also ours. It’s not complicated, just trade with discipline and consistency.

Evaluation Phase

We allow you to trade any news event you like, which is not a problem, you can open and close trades during the news if you like and also hold it over the weekend.

You are allowed to risk whatever percentage of your account you like in the evaluation stage once you stay within the daily drawdown rules.

You are not required to use a stop loss or take profit on the evaluation account. If you don’t want to use a stop loss that’s fine however we do always recommend using one so you don’t find yourself having to close a loosing trade at a big loss on your challenge account if your trade idea doesn’t work out.

Live Funded Account Rules

On the live account once you are funded and trading our capital you are required to use a stop loss for every trade you take. Remember you are now trading our live funds so we need to make sure the risk is controlled in the case of news events so you do not loose more than you anticipated on each trade. Repeated Failure to place a stop loss shortly after the trade is opened will result in a violation of your live account so be sure to use a stop loss. No take profit is required you can manually close your position at any time without having to set a take profit.

You are allowed to hold trades over the weekend however you are not allowed to open trades less than 10 minutes before news as stop losses can be slipped due to high volatility causing you to loose more than you might have expected.

We require our traders have a minimum of 5 tradings days on all live accounts while risking +- 0.5% risk for all trades. For example if you are taking a trade at 0.5% then your next trade is at 2% this is not consistent. Your trades need to be similar risk by +-0.5%. So if you open a trade at 0.5% risk it is ok on your next trade to risk 1%. Another example , if you open a trade at 1% risk it is then ok to take your next trade at 0.5% or 1.5%. The reason for this rule is it stops people gambling. Most traders can take one trade and get lucky this is not what we are looking for , we are looking for profitable traders that can properly manage risk. Also as part of our consistency rule one trade cannot be over 50% of your total profit. For example if you have a 100k account and you take 5 trades: Trade 1 = 200$ profit Trade 2 = 400$ profit Trade 3 = 275$ profit Trade 4 = 600$ profit Trade 5 = 5000$ profit This also is not consistent and inconsistent trades will be deducted from your total payout. You can take as long as you want to reach these 5 minimum trading days also. We find these rules fair as we allow you to use the HFT algo to pass our challenge and in return we Expect that you follow a set of rules to prove you are not just gambling your way through your account.

You are not allowed to use Expert advisors of any kind on your live account. Any Trading activities such as gap trading, high frequency trading, grid trading or grid software , opening positions at a higher / lower price than your entry when it’s in drawdown (2 or more ), martingale trading, latency arbitrage, long short arbitrage, reverse arbitrage, opposite account trading , abusing volatility of news by placing limits guaranteed to be filled are not permitted and will result in termination of your live account. You are not permitted to allow account management of a third party persons or company to manage your account for you , you need to be the person who trades your live account.

Important Notice

Trading signals are not permitted such as copying other people’s trades. Your trades need to be taken individually yourself, if we see multiple accounts taking the same trades with same SL and TP the accounts will be terminated.